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KnowIT has six modules which can be combined in any arrangement. This allows you to select and pay for only the features that make sense for your business. KnowIT’s advanced technology allows you to add modules remotely, without the need to reinstall.

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These modules are only available for PC or Mac platforms.

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Applications & Websites

Know exactly what applications and websites are being used by your employees. Provides access control, audit trail and alerts of apps and websites, and instant application inventory reports across all devices.

Password Manager

Remove the leading cause of data breaches by eliminating the need for employees to know passwords when accessing websites or protected applications.

File Transfers & Activity

Prevent data leakage of IPR and confidential data by setting alerts for the creation, modification and movement of important files across or exiting your network.

Data Communication

Protect your business and enforce acceptable behavior policies by archiving all employee communications. Powerful search and alerts for keywords that indicate job hunting or rogue behavior.

Network Activity Monitoring

Detect malicious applications by setting alerts for unusual port activity, excessive individual bandwidth consumption, and extreme unique connections.

Productivity & Attendance

Compare productivity of employees by generating productivity reports based on timekeeping, absences, time spent on business approved apps and websites. Requires Application management module.

Module Features

KnowIT consists of the following modules.
Modules can be combined to build the overall solutions required.

Module Features Included
Applications & Websites
  • Installed applications
  • Application usage
  • Web browsing
  • Application & website restrictions
File Transfers & Activity
  • File uploads and downloads
  • File transfers to USB external drives
  • Track file system activity
  • Track printing
Network Activity Monitoring
  • Network connections
  • Bandwidth usage
  • Port detection
  • Network threats detection
Password Manager
  • Manage access for third-party sites and applications
  • Biometric authentication when accessing protected applications or websites
Data Communication
  • Track popular IM, email, keystrokes, and user communications
  • Web search terms & videos
  • Screen and application snapshots
Productivity & Attendance
  • Track productivity
  • Track attendance

Module Pricing

KnowIT modules are priced as follows.
Volume discounts, and annual payment discounts are available, as is a trade in discount for those who wish to migrate from other monitoring systems to KnowIT.

Module Name Monthly
Applications & Websites $2
File Transfers & Activity $2
Network Activity Monitoring $2
Password Manager $5
Data Communication $10
Productivity & Attendance $5
Special Introductory Pricing

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