Protect Your Resident’s Records

KnowIT lets care homes protect their data the way they protect their residents.

As the operator of care homes there is a duty to protect and safeguard the confidential records of Residents in your care.

Theft and disclosure of a company’s confidential information is an increasingly common incident, particulary unprotected electronic data.

Most cases occur when employees leave an organisation to work for a competitor or establish a competing business. However it can also involve disgruntled employees, personal grievances, industrial action, media leaks, misuse of information by contractors or outsourced service providers and even disclosure for criminal gain, such as through financial crime or identity theft.

KnowIT are professionals in the business of protecting records just as you are professionals in protecting and caring for your residents, let us help you in this important area.

Resident’s Records Key Areas Required Protection

Key Areas Requiring Protection

  • Business or personal email accounts
  • USB and other removable devices
  • Copying to personal computers or external hard disk drives
  • Internet transfer and cloud file sharing
  • Printing, scanning and photocopying.
Protect Data Data Protected by KnowIT Systems

Data Protected by KnowIT Systems

  • Records of clients, customers, suppliers and employees.
  • Contracts, agreements, payment and transaction records.
  • Financial information including pricing, supply and production costs.
  • Intellectual property, research and proprietary details of products and services.
  • Strategic plans, financial and board reports, policies, procedures and operational documentation.
  • Security information, passwords, encryption keys and details of computer systems access and configuration.
  • Upcoming tenders & proposals and sensitive corporate information.
  • Backups of data including documents, emails, contacts or software programs.
Solutions KnowIT provides security protection


KnowIT software provides additional security protection over key data files particularly those that are regarded as confidential or of high value that are located on PC and mobile electronic technology.


  • Enhance client confidence
  • Peace of mind
  • Enhanced ability to prosecute offence
  • Evidence for terminations & prosecutions

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