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KnowIT is a cloud based employee monitoring solution that lets businesses understand exactly how their staff use their computers and mobile phones — giving them instant answers to hundreds of common questions that most organizations ask every day.

Why Businesses Use KnowIT

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Data Loss Prevention

Detect and Prevent data loss with the first DLP solution that requires no additional hardware
and works right out of the box

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employee monitoring icon

Employee Monitoring

Understand how employees are using computer applications and websites to identify suspicious behavior or rogue applications measure
productivity & attendance

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Secure Software Development

Monitor source code movement and modifications
on all of your business PC's and Macs

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Mobile Device Management

KnowIT MDM is cloud based software that enables businesses to remotely implement security measures — such as remotely wiping a device — across enrolled devices

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What Are Its Benefits?

KnowIT gives you four specific benefits.

Firstly, KnowIT measures employee productivity and gives you genuine, fine grained productivity metrics that can be used to make direct comparisons between employees performing the same job role.

Secondly, KnowIT provides protection for your confidential data against IPR theft by tracking the movement and modification of your important files across and out of your network.

Thirdly, KnowIT provides protection against insider threats by letting you understand how your employees are using computer applications and websites and by inspecting network packets to identify suspicious behavior or rogue applications.

Finally KnowIT continual stream of data, alerts and reports gives you the information you need to improve your processes, and to make better business decisions.

With over 50 powerful features, desktop and mobile support, JSON Integration API, optional biometric sensors and our bespoke customization services, KnowIT is able to help a business of any size create their own custom solutions for employee productivity and improved security.

Why Do I Need It?

Are my customer lists, sales reports and source code files safe?

Who are my most productive employees?

Why is that contractor plugging in a USB device?

How can I quickly record employee attendance?

Is anyone looking for a new job?

I need a list of all the applications installed on all my devices right now?

Which of my computers is likely to have a spambot running?

What are my employees posting on Facebook?

Who are they chatting to on Skype?

Why is he using webmail to send a file?

Are unapproved applications being installed?

How much time does this employee waste surfing sites that are not permitted?

Who is streaming cat videos and blocking the company network?

Key Features

Application Monitoring

Get total visibility and control of all applications installed on your network
Understand how and when your employees use Instant messaging, Webmail, Websites, business applications including keystrokes using a browser connected to the Internet.

Stop Insider Threats

Detect and prevent data loss and IPR theft
Find out when any files are modified, moved or transferred via directory, network drives, webmail, cloud storage, USB or FTP.

Productivity Metrics

Genuine job based productivity measurements
Get real world metrics that make staff comparisons meaningful. KnowIT generates true productivity because it uses actual attendance information from biometric sensors.

Detect Network Threats

Discover if your network is being abused
KnowIT analyses network packets to detect device level suspicious activity such as unusual ports, spambots, DDOS zombies excessive bandwidth usage and more.

Supercharge Security

Centralised biometric authentication for your apps and door entry
Add fingerprint authentication to your favourite apps, websites and door entry systems removing need to remember passwords or carry cards - all from a centralised KnowIT account.

Alerts & Reports

Direct information where and when you need it
Receive alerts and reports on anything from suspicious file transfers and network protocols to prohibited websites or excessive bandwidth usage, from poor attendance to low productivity. Reports can be sent directly to employees for self-improvement.

Bespoke Service

Made to measure software
Build you own solutions using our rich JSON api. Digital Endpoint also provides consultancy and development services to create bespoke solutions.

Unparalleled Coverage

Covers more of your business
KnowIT works on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and Tablets and you can easily transfer your licences between devices, giving you the flexibility to include more of your staff.

Instantly Powerful

Ready To Go In Minutes
KnowIT can be set up in minutes. No need to buy and maintain servers, no need to train your IT guy to use the most feature rich employee monitoring available anywhere.

Why We Are Unique?

is the only cloud based employee behavior monitoring software that combines application monitoring, network packet analysis, and biometric data in one easy to use package and is therefore able to deliver insights into productivity and security that no other product can.

KnowIT tracks computer applications others cannot
Provides genuine employee productivity measurements
Records employee timekeeping via device logon and biometric sensors
Automatically detects suspicious network activity such as port usage, spambots, DDOS zombie, bandwidth and much more

How Does It Work?

install KnowIT


Install the KnowIT software on any Windows, Mac, Apple or Android device.

activate KnowIT


Activate the KnowIT license key to register the device.

analyse KnowIT


Login to the KnowIT portal to start receiving alerts & reports.

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Getting Started After Purchasing KnowIT

Installing KnowIT on an iPhone

Installing KnowIT on a Mac

Installing KnowIT on an Android Device

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