Secure your Source Code & Confidential Files from Deliberate Theft or Accidental Leakage

KnowIT is cloud based source code protection software that protects software development companies from insider threats, IPR theft & data loss while boosting the productivity of their employees.

The Big Question for Developers of Software

If you are the Founder, CEO or Shareholder of a Software Development Business, ask yourself this question.

"Do I care if our source code, designs and confidential data ended up on the Internet, or in the hands of competitors or copycats"

If the answer is YES, then read on to discover how to remove this worry from your mind.

The Consequences of Source Code Theft

As a stakeholder in a software development company, you already understand that the only value you create is your intellectual property - usually in the form of source code, design models, specifications and even email conversations.

You also know it takes years to create this value, and requires a complex collaboration between smart individuals and external vendors who are in high demand in the software industry. Most projects require accepting working practices that you have little control over, and talented professionals will not accept the same levels of discipline that a factory worker would.

For example, as every development manager knows, an exiting employee has probably already copied everything he can get his hands on, because he may need it for his next job.

And while you may not believe it could happen to you, you do understand that the loss of this intellectual property to your competitors or the public causes embarrassment at best or the closure of your business in a worst case scenario.

So whether you are providing offshore development to security conscious clients , or if you design products for yourself, the need to protect your source code is identical.

Introducing KnowIT, Theft protection for Source Code

At Digital Endpoint, we understand the security and productivity problems faced by software development companies - after all, we’ve been creating complex software products for over a decade.

In fact, it was exactly because we ourselves became victims of source code theft five years ago, that made us think about what a practical and powerful solution would look like for the software development industry.

The result is KnowIT - an easy to install, zero maintenance, source code theft prevention system that works in an always connected environment, where exiting employees, suspicious sub-contractors and anonymous outsourcers work together to deliver a software company's competitive innovations.

What Is KnowIT

KnowIT is a device software agent that monitors how your source code is moved and modified on all of your business PC's and Macs. It will alert you to any suspicious activity such as source code or design files being transferred out of your network by webmail, USB, IM or cloud storage.

KnowIT also offers optional Network Security and Employee Productivity features for businesses whose needs go beyond security and into making better business decisions.

The Network Security feature detects network threats and unusual port usage, while the Employee Productivity feature gives business owners and managers a deep insight into how employees use your approved applications and allows you to get a top level view of their attendance and productivity.

Login to your secure Administrator web account, where you can view and analyze data, create alerts and schedule reports that can be sent to managers or employees as required by your business strategy.

With over 50 powerful features, seamless support for iPhone and Android, a superb JSON integration API, optional biometric sensors and our product customization service, Know IT helps software development businesses of any size improve the security of their source code, detect insider threats and improve employee productivity.

And because KnowIT is cloud based, you can get started in minutes, with the default settings suitable for most software development companies.

So whether your requirement is for immediate investigation, or for prevention and detection across all your development locations, KnowIT can offer a solution.

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