• secure your company data
  • Know where your devices are at any given moment
  • enable BYOD

Most businesses use mobiles as part of their commercial landscape. While mobility is extremely useful it also brings with it unique dangers.

How often have your employees left a mobile in the back of a cab or had it stolen out of their pocket at a shopping mall?

Our MDM features allow you to protect your business in case a mobile device is lost or stolen. Should the worst happen, simply login to the administrative portal to secure the device.

Whats more, KnowIT MDM is included as part of our Standard mobile monitoring product, meaning you also receive powerful benefits like location tracking, call recording, and much more.

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One-fifth of IT professionals say their company has experienced a mobile data breach


KnowIT Mobile Device Management features - Phone call Recording, Reports, Location Tracking, Data Communication

Introducing KnowIT MDM

KnowIT MDM is cloud based software that enables businesses to remotely implement security measures — such as remotely wiping a device — across enrolled devices.

KnowIT's mobile device management software is a component of our Standard mobile product and it contains core features that allow you to protect your business in case a mobile device is lost or stolen.

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  • Here’s a guide to our MDM features

  • Lock device

    Remotely lock the phone with a new passcode.
    Mobile - Please Retry in 26 Second(s)
  • Wipe Data

    Remotely factory reset the device
    Mobile - Factory Reset in Progress
  • Reset Password

    Remove a device's passcode altogether
    Mobile - Please enter a new password
  • Enable/Disable Camera

    Allow or disallow the camera hardware to be used by any apps
    Mobile - The camera has been disabled.
  • Track Device GPS Location

    See a record of all locations the device has been
    Mobile - Location Tracking
  • Flexible Install Options (BYOD, Corporate Mode)

    Option to install with or without factory resetting device
    Mobile - Install Options (BYOD or Corporate Mode)

Why Choose Our MDM Solution?

Our MDM solution comes bundled with KnowIT Standard for Mobiles — this means not only do you receive the benefits of MDM, but you also get the benefits of KnowIT’s other powerful features which combine together to form a complete security solution you cannot find anywhere else.

Unlike other MDM solutions, who only provide a combination of MDM and application management, KnowIT Standard for mobiles offers the following features

  • Phone Calls

    Phone Calls

    Record employee phone calls and see a history of calls taken place

  • GPS Tracking

    GPS Tracking

    See a record of all locations employees have been as well as their current location

  • Data Capturing

    Data Capturing

    View contents of employee address books and calendars

  • Text Messaging

    Text Messaging

    Monitor employee’s sent and received SMS and MMS

  • Multimedia


    View images, videos, and audio memos stored on employee devices

  • Remote Device Control

    Remote Device Control

    Receive SIM change notifications, check device battery level, and more

  • Application Tracking

    Application Tracking

    See all installed apps, install date, and other details. View usage history including launches, closures, and uninstalls

  • Reports


    Cut through the noise with useful reports such as which contacts your employees are calling most often

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

KnowIT MDM introductory pricing means it's currently free as part of KnowIT Standard for mobiles.

What is KnowIT Standard for mobiles?

KnowIT for mobiles is a cloud based solution that enables businesses to monitor employee phone calls, GPS location, installed applications, and more. Learn more here

How do I install KnowIT MDM?

There are two methods for installing KnowIT MDM on Android devices — Corporate Install Mode and BYOD mode.

  • Install KnowIT in Corporate Mode to gain access to all MDM features. This requires factory resetting the device.
  • Install KnowIT in BYOD mode to protect personal employee phones with most MDM features without requiring a factory reset. MDM features that will not function normally with BYOD mode are Reset Password, and Lock Screen.

Learn more about the install options here.

When will we see MDM features for iPhone?

This is coming soon. In the meantime we encourage you to take advantage of our other powerful iPhone features in the Standard for Mobiles product. Get notified when there's an update on this by subscribing to our newsletter using the form at the bottom of our homepage.

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