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The Problem

If you’re responsible for your companies IT security then these questions are probably keeping you up at night:

“How do I comply with GDPR? What’s the best data loss prevention strategy?
How can I secure all my endpoints including mobile?”

KnowIT helps answers these questions — but without all the complexity, obligations, and obtuse vocabulary associated with existing solutions. KnowIT is a cloud based system requiring no hardware, designed by people who genuinely understand the threats of data loss, giving you pragmatic solutions at minimum cost.

Introducing KnowIT Data Loss Prevention Software

Data loss happens when end users send critical information outside the corporate network.
KnowIT provides the tools to detect data loss, and allows companies to easily create data loss prevention strategies.

Track All File Movements

Install the KnowIT Data Loss Prevention Client and instantly discover, monitor, and protect against all forms of data breaches and insider theft. KnowIT tracks file movements inside the corporate network as well as transfers out to cloud services, web-mail, USB, IM chats, and more.

Track All File Modifications

File modifications such as creation, deletion, renames, or merges are also detected. KnowIT can even tell you when protected files are being added to a zip file, allowing you to counter more sophisticated threats.

Detect Malware

Unlike other products, KnowIT also inspects network packets allowing detection of suspicious port activity, spam bots, DDOS zombies, and other hidden malware.

Buy only what you need

While some data loss can be detected by tracking files, the most effective form of data loss prevention is by proactively identifying insider threats. KnowIT Complete Edition allows you to extend your data loss prevention strategy to include analysis of employee behavior such as application and Internet usage, time keeping, productivity analysis and much more.

Start your implementation today

It only takes minutes to setup and have a rock solid data loss prevention strategy in place — and to make it easier, we’re offering you an exclusive 7 day free trial — so there's no need to talk with a salesman.

Why Do I Need It?

Have you asked yourself any one of these questions?

Who's accessing my companies confidential data?

How can I protect confidential data from leaving the company?

What files are being uploaded to google drive?

Why has that employee plugged in a USB?

Are any files leaving via webmail?

What is taking up my company bandwidth?

Are my employees taking sensitive data with them to their next job?

How do I comply with GDPR?

KnowIT DLP Features

Here’s a guide to some of our powerful data loss prevention features.

See File Transfers and Edits

Exiting employee? Is your source code going with him?
Get alerted when files are: renamed or deleted, printed, copied to USB devices, uploaded via FTP and cloud, sent via Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo.

Detect Network Threats

Be aware of all suspicious network activity.
KnowIT® is the only software that offers both application and packet level analysis. Be alerted of Suspicious port activity, Spam-bots, DDOS zombies, All other malware

Application Monitoring

What apps are installed across your network?
Understand how and when your employees use Instant messaging, Webmail, Websites, business applications including keystrokes using a browser connected to the Internet.

Alerts & Reports

Information where and when you need it
Receive alerts and reports on anything from suspicious file transfers and network protocols to prohibited websites or excessive bandwidth usage, from poor attendance to low productivity. Reports can be sent directly to employees for self-improvement.

Bespoke Service

Made to measure software
With our feature packed pipeline, it's unlikely that KnowIT won't fit your business. However, if there's something special that you need, we are able to customize KnowIT for you.

Unparalleled Coverage

Covers more of your business
KnowIT works on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android and Tablets and you can easily transfer your licenses between devices, giving you the flexibility to include more of your staff.

Instantly Powerful

Ready to go in minutes
KnowIT can be set up in minutes. No need to buy and maintain servers, no need to train your IT guy to use the most feature rich employee monitoring available anywhere.

Why Choose KnowIT?

KnowIT was born out of our own frustration for our search of an effective DLP solution — from requiring expensive hardware, needing lots of IT training and never ending calls from pushy salesmen — existing solutions were unsatisfying compromises to real world problems

KnowIT removes this frustration because unlike others, KnowIT:

  • Is easy to use because we're cloud based
  • Works on more devices — PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone
  • Gives combined application and network packet monitoring
  • Offers customization services to create the perfect solution

Implement your Data Loss Prevention strategy today.

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