While KnowIT is a technical powerhouse, it’s the information that it delivers that make the real difference to your business. KnowIT can be configured to send tailored reports to managers or even directly to employees at a regular basis, avoiding the need for explicit confrontation with staff, who may well not be aware of issues with their behavior or performance

Have a look through the following list and imagine receiving these regularly in your inbox, and how much faster and more effective your decision making capability would be

Top 5 Most Productive Employees
Quickly see who are the most productive employees.
Most Late Arrivals
Discover which employees are arriving in late so you can also review their productivity.
Most Early Departures
See which employees are leaving early the most and if it affects overall productivity score.
Most Lost Work Time
See which employees are wasting the most time by being unproductive whilst at work so you can also review their productivity score for any connection.
Most Extra Work Time
See which employees are working extra and are exceeding productivity scores in a positive way.
Top Websites
See the top five most popular websites per employees so you can add as productive/neutral/unproductive/prohibited via productivity groups if needed.
Top Web Users
See which employees are spending the most time on the internet.  Can be further studied by reviewing productivity and attendance of the employees also.
Top Network Protocols
See which network protocols employees are using the most.  Can be further examined using the file transfer tracker to see what data is being sent or received.
Top Network Users
See which users are using the most bandwidth and sending the most data using the network per day.
Top Remote Connections
See the most popular remote connections used by the employee to spot potential file transfer activity that may be unproductive.
Alerts for All Employees
Display the total number of alerts triggered for all employees. 
Allows you to see which employees are creating the most alerts for further study.
IM Usage for All Employees
Shows the total number of IM messages sent by the employee per IM program. 
Allows to see which employees are spending the most time chatting when they should be working.
Webmail Usage for All Employees
Shows the total number of emails sent and received by all employees using webmail split by email providers. 
Allows companies to see who spends the most time working with email and what they send.
File Transfers for All Employees
Shows total number of files transferred by protocol type for all employees.  Can be used to then see if user is using too much bandwidth using the network traffic reports and productivity report can also be looked at to get an overall picture.
Desktop File Activity Usage for All Employees
Shows the total number of files moved, renamed, copied,  deleted or created.  Can be used with the file transferred tracker to see if potentially sensitive data is being sent out from the office.
Top 5 Installed Applications
Shows the number of top installed applications for each employee device.  Can be used to see which applications are installed on the most devices.  Can be used with the production report to see if certain apps, once installed, affect productivity.
Top 5 Application Installing Users
Shows the top employees who install the most applications.  Can be researched further by looking at productivity score and file activity usage.
Top 5 Used Applications
Shows the top 5 used applications for the chosen employee and the time spent in total in each of the listed application.  Can be further researched by reviewing the productivity score and adjusting productivity groups accordingly to set apps as productive, non-productive etc.
Top 5 Applications Users
Shows the top 5 employees according to the time they spend using applications.  Can be looked in to further using overall productivity score and then adjust or create productivity group as needed.
Attendance report
Shows the attendance report for the chosen employee including start time, end time and extra time worked.  Allows companies to see which employees are working late or leaving early.  Can review productivity report for more information.
Productivity report
Shows the number of hours spent using the number of applications deemed productive using productivity groups and generates an overall productivity score.  Can review attendance report for more detail.
Unproductivity report
Shows the total time doing unproductive work and the number of unproductive apps installed  based off productivity groups and generates an overall productivity score and percentage of time using each listed application.  Allows to see if the employee is being unproductive or not and which applications they are using the most to do this.  This then allows for productivity groups to be created and set as needed.
Admin Productivity report
Shows all online devices in the system as well as average productivity and attendance scores based upon all employees.  The top three employees who triggered the most alerts or arrived late are listed, along with start time.   Top 3 most and least productive employees are also shown.  Allows the manager to  get a complete overview of how the company employees are performing without needing others or having to log in to get further information.
Alerts report
Shows the latest alerts that took place for that employee, the application that caused the alert and the number of times it was triggered. Allows for manager to see which users are triggering the most alerts so that their activity can be tracked in more depth using productivity/attendance reports.
Data export report
Shows the date range of the data export and includes an Excel spreadsheet so that companies can see, at a glance, all data captured for each device inside the KnowIT administrator portal without having to log in so aids convenience for the manager.
Employee Productivity report
See the current employee, number of hours worked being productive and overall productivity score along with Excel spreadsheet.  Makes it easier for the manager to instantly see if employee is being productive or not without logging in each time.

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