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If you are the Founder or CEO of a software development business — and have spent years creating valuable software source code — the following question probably keeps you awake at night.

"How do I stop my employees from stealing my source code?"

Your experience has probably taught you that the following employees — through ignorance or malice — pose the greatest threats

  • Exiting Employees
  • Sub-Contractors
  • Offsite Developers
  • Newbies
  • Rogue Employees

Did You Know?

43% of data loss is caused internally. 85% of employees steal data upon leaving. 50% of data breaches are intentional.

The solution to this problem is called KnowIT® — a source code theft protection solution developed specifically for software development companies.

KnowIT® tracks the transmission, movement, printing and modification of your precious intellectual property such as Java, C++, design models and specifications, stopping the damage before it happens.

Compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, KnowIT® is instantly installed from your cloud account, providing protection in minutes, with the default setting suitable for most software development companies.

Unlike other solutions, KnowIT® has a variety of additional modules to further enhance your security as your needs develop.

With over 50 powerful features, seamless support for iPhone and Android, a superb JSON integration API, optional biometric sensors and our product customization services, KnowIT® helps software development businesses of any size secure their source code, detect insider threats and improve employee productivity.

Try KnowIT for FREE now — you don't even need a credit card — or contact us for more details.

"60% of stolen data occurs via web protocols, email, file transfer or tunneling protocols such as FTP or SCP. Other means include peer-to-peer, secure shell, instant messaging, VoIP, and hiding data within images or video."

Have You Ever Wondered?

"Why is he using webmail?"
"Why is that contractor plugging in a USB device?"
"What exactly is he working on this minute?"
"How much time do my employees spend watching YouTube?"
"How can I stop excessive crypto trading during work?"
"Who worked the longest hours this month?"
"I want to immediately see a complete list of all applications installed on my entire network"
"Which of my employees is looking for a job?"
"How can I secure a dispersed offsite team of developers?"

KnowIT® Gives You Answers

Be Aware of File Transfers and Edits

Exiting employee? Is your source code going with him?
Get alerted when files are:

  • Renamed or deleted
  • Printed
  • Copied to USB devices
  • Uploaded via FTP and cloud
  • Sent via Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo
KnowIT alerts File Transfers and Edits
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KnowIT track application

Track Applications on All Devices

Understand how employees use applications and the web.

  • Manage application installations
  • Restrict websites
  • Instantly view application inventory
  • Read chat applications
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Reward Your Hardest Working Employees

The productivity of a role depends on approved apps, websites, and actual time worked. KnowIT®'s advanced rule-based productivity measurements allows fair and meaningful comparisons

  • Create productivity groups (sales, marketing, etc)
  • Record attendance and absences
  • Automate reports to encourage self-policing
  • Generate normalized ratings for comparisons
Productivity Report

No Need to Remember Passwords

KnowIT® enables fingerprint authentication for web and application resources, removing the need for employees to remember passwords.

  • Define Biometric Enabled Resources (BER)
  • Assign employees to BER
  • Active Directory support for easy integration
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Detect Network Threats

Be aware of rogue applications and suspicious network activity. KnowIT® is the only software that offers both application and packet level analysis. Be alerted of:

  • Suspicious port activity
  • Spambots
  • DDOS zombies
  • All other malware
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KnowIT Modules

Pay Only for What You Use

KnowIT® has six remotely installable modules. Select and pay for only the features that make sense for your business today — while preparing for tomorrow. The following modules are available:

  • File transfers and edits
  • Application tracking
  • Productivity
  • Password manager
  • Network Packet Analysis

Management Reports

Encourage self-policing and avoid confrontation with automatic email reports. Reports give insight on:

  • Attendance and productivity
  • Application and web usage
  • Alerts for virtually any event you want to monitor
KnowIT Dashboard

Designed for Discovery

KnowIT®'s dashboard is designed to give at-a-glance insights tailored to your business. See metrics important to you right after logging in, with easy access to reports, alerts, help and much more.

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KnowIT® is a Product and a Platform

With many powerful features available via JSON API, multiplatform support and optional biometric sensors, KnowIT® enables any business to create custom solutions for security and productivity

Digital Endpoint also offers customization services and consultancy for organisations that need complex solutions. We offer:

  • A complete JSON API
  • Customization services
  • Multiplatform compatibility
  • Private hosting
KnowIT with many powerful features


  • Track source code files including Java, C++, Python
  • See installed applications, web history, search terms, keystrokes
  • Monitor instant messaging (Skype, LINE, Hangouts, QQ)
  • Monitor webmail (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Outlook365)
  • Detect file transfers (webmail, USB)
  • Measure attendance (logon and biometrics)
  • Measure productivity based on job role, application usage and attendance levels
  • Automate email reports (login attendance, productivity)
  • Alerts and blocking for prohibited applications, websites, keywords
  • Detects network threats (spambots, unusual ports, excessive bandwidth)
  • Frequent updates
  • For PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android
  • Cloud-based (no hardware required)
  • Free trial

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